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The Greater El Bethel Deliverance Center

The Greater El Bethel Deliverance Center was established in January 2003. After meeting with the officials of the Board of Presbytery of the Apostolic Faith Church of God, Live On, it was decided upon to place Apostle R.H Cross, Jr and Prophetess Freda Cross as resident pastors to reside in the headquarters building.


Although there were many obstacles that were against the ministry, they still persevered to do the work of the Lord. Because the building was not used on a regular basis, there was much work to be done. The pastors decided, with the help of God, to tackle the task of maintaining the edifice on such a limited budget.

Since our genesis in 2003, we can proudly say that the ministry has grown by leaps and bounds. Although, over the course of the years, many have come and many have gone but the ministry remains strong. The ministry is founded upon the true revelation of God’s Holy Word. The promise that God gave to Peter, which states that “Upon this rock, (the revelation of the Word) I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. (St. Matthew 16:18)


        Live On Ministries

        R.H Cross Ministries

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